27 Bazhong tea enterprises participate in 13th international tea expo

spotlightbazhong.com | Updated: May 16,2024
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The 13th Sichuan International Tea Expo was held on May 9 through 12 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. 

Twenty-seven key tea enterprises from four counties in Bazhong participated, focusing on enhancing the brand influence and market share of the tea industry in Bazhong, and on promoting the high-quality development of the tea industry.

Sales exceed 1 million yuan

At the expo, the 27 enterprises brought over 100 varieties of tea products. Each one strictly adhered to the requirements of agricultural product quality and safety. Each was standardized with traceability codes, commitment to quality certificates, and the "Bazhong Yunding" logo, ensuring that they are green organic products, showcasing the high standards of "Bashan Tea" to the outside world.

"At the expo, we had 212 offline sales transactions amounting to 792 kilograms of tea, with a total sales revenue of 674,850 yuan ($93,387). We also had 201 agreement sales transactions totaling 2,582 kilograms, with a sales revenue of 1.24 million yuan," said an official from Bazhong Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau. 

Bazhong is renowned as the "Hometown of Natural Selenium Tea in China," the "National Advantageous Area for Selenium-rich Green Tea," and the core area of the "Northeast Sichuan High Mountain Ecological Tea Industry Belt." 

Tea plantations in the city currently cover 573,000 mu and produce 15,000 tons. The comprehensive output value of the tea industry reaches 6.5 billion yuan, and tea farmers' average income has increased by over 2,000 yuan. Nanjiang and Pingchang counties have become nationally key tea-producing counties, and the tea industry is gradually becoming the pillar industry for farmers in tea-producing areas to increase their incomes and become prosperous.

Continuously enhancing the "Bazhong Yunding" brand

At the opening ceremony of the 13th Sichuan International Tea Expo on May 9, the award ceremony for the "Most Influential Tea Product in Sichuan (Third Batch)" was held.

Yunding Minglan from Sichuan Yuandingzi Tea Plantation Co., Ltd., in Nanjiang county, Bazhong, was honored as the "Most Influential Tea Product in Sichuan (Third Batch)." Following the success of Luocun Green Tea and Qinbaminglan Guoxiang, Bazhong tea once again received this prestigious award.

This tea expo had participation from 18 countries and regions, with over 1,000 companies from more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China. For tea enterprises, this event is not only an opportunity to display their brands, but also a chance to expand their network and enhance cooperation.