ADC chip unveiled at Bazhong Tongjiang | Updated: Apr 17,2024
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Bazhong's Tongjiang county hosted an ADC chip unveiling event and a high-tech project negotiation session on April 12.

During the event, Sichuan Bizhou Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled its latest independently developed, high-end ADC chip. 

This product, which boasts high speed, precision, and low power consumption, is primarily intended for applications in wireless communication, satellite communication, automotive, chip testing equipment, instrumentation and medical devices. Its key performance indicators have already reached an advanced level compared with similar foreign products.

In recent years, Tongjiang county has emphasized technological support, delving into niche industrial sectors, actively planning new paths for industrial development, and striving to cultivate a number of high-tech industries under the "Tongjiang Production, Tongjiang Manufacturing" initiative with independent intellectual property rights and the ability to form technological barriers.

Since it was established in July 2023, the first group of independently developed products has been released, significantly enhancing Tongjiang's independent innovation and core competitiveness, thereby supporting the development of high-tech industries in Tongjiang.

"We will pay more attention to cultivating a professional and rational cadre team, maintaining a fair and just legal environment, creating a social atmosphere that respects businesses and enterprises, and making every effort to build a first-class business environment. We are wholeheartedly committed to providing the best service guarantee for enterprises, jointly propelling both parties to reach new heights of development and create new brilliance," said Li Yupu, the secretary of the Tongjiang County Party Committee.