Banan High-Speed Railway enters joint testing phase | Updated: Apr 09,2024
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When inspection train No. 57652 departed from Nanchong North Station on April 2, it marked the commencement of the joint testing phase for the newly constructed Hanzhong-Bazhong-Nanchong section of the railway (hereinafter referred to as the "Banan High-Speed Railway"), entering a crucial stage for project acceptance and bringing it one step closer to the goal of full completion and operation.

It is reported that once the Banan High-Speed Railway is operational, the shortest travel time from Bazhong to Nanchong will be approximately 35 minutes, from Bazhong to Chengdu about 145 minutes, and from Bazhong to Chongqing around 105 minutes. 

This is a significant development in integrating the northeastern Sichuan region into the national high-speed railway network and promoting the economic and social development of the northeastern Sichuan region.

The Banan High-Speed Railway is the first high-speed railway in Sichuan province to be locally financed and constructed. The project is part of the national high-speed railway network and is an important component of a new passenger transport corridor connecting the southwestern (Sichuan-Chongqing) region with the central and northern regions such as Qingyang (Gansu province), Shaanxi and North China.

The rail line starts from the newly constructed Bazhong East Station, heads west through the Bazhong Economic Development Zone, Bazhou district, Enyang district, Yilong county in Nanchong, Nanbu county, Peng'an county, and Shunqing district, and connects to Nanchong North Station. 

The 148-kilometer-long main line is designed for a speed of 250 kilometers per hour and has 6 stations: Nanchong North Station as the connecting station, and the newly constructed intermediate stations at Peng'an West Station, Yilong Station, Ma'an Station, Bazhong West Station and Bazhong East Station.