Bazhong industrial investment promotion conference held in Chengdu | Updated: Apr 02,2024
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On March 29th, the Invest in Sichuan: Bazhong Industrial Revitalization Investment Promotion Conference was held in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Mayor Gao Pengling expressed that in recent years, Bazhong has shifted its focus to industrial cultivation and revitalization. The city has implemented a strategy to promote industrial development and strengthen manufacturing, gradually forming a "3+1" industrial economic system supported by new energy, new materials, food and beverages, biomedicine, and electronic information. 

Bazhong has applied industrial thinking to transform traditional agriculture and develop modern service industries, leading to vibrant industrial development. 

Bazhong has also placed great emphasis on improving its business environment, addressing legitimate and reasonable concerns of enterprises in a timely manner, and introducing specific measures to "truly serve enterprises," with a determination to create a "business-friendly environment." 

The city's economic operation has continued to show a positive trend, indicating boundless opportunities for development.

During the promotion conference, various counties and districts introduced their projects, and the Bazhong production and supply-demand list was released. 

Representatives of business leaders also delivered speeches, and 25 projects were signed on-site. 

Additionally, a Bazhong production and supply-demand matchmaking event was held.