Spring tea harvest commences on 80,000 mu in Nanjiang

spotlightbazhong.com | Updated: Mar 20,2024
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In recent days, the tea fields in the Hongding Village Tea Industry Park in Changchi, a town in Nanjiang county, Bazhong, have been adorned with lush greenery as tea farmers carrying bamboo baskets work in the verdant tea gardens for harvest.

"With a total area of over 120 mu (8 hectares), meticulous management practices, and favorable weather conditions, the tea plants have thrived, producing an abundance of tender shoots," said Long Ling, the head of the park.

"Nanjiang's tea gardens are situated in high-altitude areas ranging from 800 to 1200 meters, totaling over 100,000 mu, with 80,000 mu already in production," said Yao Jun, a senior agronomist at the Nanjiang agriculture and rural affairs bureau. "The harvest has begun, and it is estimated that this year's spring tea yield will exceed 1,200 tons, contributing to an annual total tea production of over 3,000 tons, with a comprehensive output value of 500 million yuan ($69.45 million)."

Nanjiang has a rich history of tea cultivation and is renowned as the home of selenium-rich tea in China, serving as the prime location for high-quality green tea production in the northeastern region of Sichuan. 

In recent years, the county has vigorously pursued the rural revitalization strategy, actively developing the high-mountain tea industry, with tea cultivation emerging as local residents’ leading industry to increase their income and achieve prosperity.