Blooming wisteria flowers launch five-day activities in Chengdu | Updated: Apr 10,2023
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The opening ceremony of Meeting Fanghua Sports is launched in Chengdu. [Photo provided to]

Wisteria flowers have spread their fragrance in Fanghua Weima Park in Chengdu, Sichuan province, in early April.

In the next five days, 13 activities including flash mob show, electronic music night, and intangible weaving art competition, with sports as the main part and wisteria flowers as the medium, will be staged, with activities covering sports, flower viewing, tea tasting, music, food and so on, aiming to bring colorful experiences to residents and tourists.

The opening ceremony kicked off with a youthful dance, and then the dynamic cheerleading performance pushed the atmosphere to a climax. Everyone warmed up under the leadership of cute panda babies, making full preparations for the next happy run around Fanghua Park, and leading the new trend of "Sports Gui Hu Healthy Life".

Fanghua Weima Park is located in Xinqiao village, Gui Hu street, with a planned area of over 3,000 mu and a core viewing area of over 500 mu. There is a wisteria promenade with the longest length of more than 5 kilometers in China. The wisteria flowers cover dozens of varieties at home and abroad, and the longest wisteria flower is 1.2 meters long, which has become a unique wisteria flower sightseeing landscape in Xindu district.

On the opening day, a flash mob show organically connected the beauty and trend. With the sound of music, dance teams and dance lovers at different points danced with sports and wisteria flowers as elements, and street dance, cheerleading, square dance, ballet, jazz and other dances were held on the stage, which unlocked the new trend for citizens and tourists, and led the audience to immerse themselves in the unique charm of the show.

Moreover, in order to meet the different cultural travel needs of citizens and tourists to the greatest extent, this series of sports and cultural activities has launched activities with different themes every day.

During the event, Lady First Orchestra and ONee Crew Dance Company were invited to settle in, aiming at cultural empowerment through music and letting the world hear the infinite possibilities of the new capital. And invited were masters to show the non-legacy weaving art (achievements), so that residents and tourists can feel the cultural heritage precipitated by the Millennium Xiang Cheng at close range.

Finally, Baroque, a famous Sichuan Symphony Orchestra, was invited to the main stage of the event, and a pleasing symphony feast was presented to tourists with trendy playing methods and systematic musical instrument combinations. During the period, the event will also carry out trendy games such as tide play market, time tunnel, cooking tea around the stove, RV camping, etc., in order to bring a brand-new tide play experience to citizens and tourists.

The cultural tourism industry is an important engine for economic growth and an important kinetic energy for transformation and development in Xindu district. In recent years, Xindu district has formed a cultural tourism industry support system consisting of A-level scenic spots, rural tourist areas, characteristic cultural blocks, sports venues, large-scale city parks, etc., and has successfully attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists with Chengdu Feiling Town, Fanghua Weima Park and Sanhe Football Village as carriers.

By holding the activity of "Rushing like a flood in Xiang Cheng · Enjoying Fanghua" this year, it is actually a pragmatic measure for Xindu district to closely follow the core functions of Chengbei Consumption Vitality Zone, speed up the creation of "Famous Tourism County in Chengdu" and "Provincial Global Tourism Demonstration Zone", and take a solid step for Gui Hu Street to implement Xindu's strategy of "One Heart and Three Districts" and create a characteristic cultural card of "Xiang Cheng Memory and Cultural Travel to Gui Hu".

The streets of Gui Hu have been constantly promoting the high-quality development of cultural tourism and making every effort to promote rural revitalization. This activity has created a positive urban atmosphere for welcoming FISU World University Games Summer and constantly boosted the spirits of citizens.

The relevant person in charge of Xindu district said that in the next step, Gui Hu street will focus on the construction of Chengbei Consumption Vitality Zone, with district development and business district upgrading as the main line to speed up the creation of new formats, new models and new scenes of cultural tourism consumption, and empower industrial development, with a view to injecting strong impetus into the modernization of Xindu district.