Jiangjiakou Reservoir completes annual investment of $23.22m

spotlightbazhong.com | Updated: Mar 29,2023
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Construction site of bank revetment at outlet of a diversion tunnel and flood discharge tunnel [Photo/cnbz.gov.cn]

Since the beginning of this year, the Jiangjiakou Reservoir project has been advancing in an orderly manner, and an investment of 160 million yuan ($23.22 million) has been completed, accounting for 32% of the annual investment plan.

As of March 28, 795 meters of the project's No. 1 flood discharge tunnel has been successfully excavated and supported, as well as 885 meters of the No. 2 flood discharge tunnel. The barrage and dam complex was filled to an elevation of 344 meters at EL, and 530,000 square meters have also been filled. The project has completed a cumulative investment of 1.81 billion yuan, accounting for 48.92% of the total investment.

Jiangjiakou Reservoir is located in Jiangjiakou town, in the middle reaches of Litan River, a tributary on the left bank of the Tongjiang River. It is one of 172 major water conservancy projects in China. It is a large (II) water conservancy project that focuses on flood control and combines power generation.

The total storage capacity of the reservoir is 183 million cubic meters, the installed capacity is 23,000 kilowatts, the total static investment of the project is 3.7 billion yuan, and the total planned construction period is 57 months.