Bazhong Economic and Technological Development Zone drives the development of private enterprises | Updated: Feb 21,2023
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In recent years, the Bazhong Economic and Technological Development Zone has continued to make efforts to update mechanisms, optimize services and encourage transformation to drive the development of private enterprises.

Updating mechanisms

The zone issued a list of key private enterprises for assistance, and carried out "one-to-one" communication and services once a month to promptly solve the problems faced by private enterprises in terms of financing, employment and policy.

Since the beginning of the year, 1,218 new market entities have been added to the zone, and the added value of the private economy has reached 999 million yuan ($145.65 million), a year-on-year increase of 0.6%. The contribution rate of the private economy to economic growth is 44.26%.

Optimizing services

A working group was set up to collect reasonable and legal appeals of enterprises in real time through a collaborative push, transferred by superiors and enterprise visits. The team collected a total of 96 appeals from 50 private enterprises, of which 19 were responded to on-site, 63 were handled centrally and 14 were taken under advance.

The zone issued financial and tax support incentives and special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (provincial) totaling 3.03 million yuan, and issued various loans totaling 116.34 million yuan.

Encouraging transformation

Green channels have been opened up to encourage and support the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial households of a certain scale. A dedicated person is responsible for accepting and guiding the whole process.

32 individual industrial and commercial households were selected by the zone to focus on cultivation, of which 11 have been successfully transferred to enterprises.

The zone successfully promoted Bazhong Huaxing Industrial Group to be included in the list of provincial cultivated enterprises, making it the city's first "National Top 500 Private Enterprises" cultivation target.