Enyang Industrial Park

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: Nov 22,2021
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Enyang Industrial Park.jpg

Enyang Industrial Park [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Enyang Industrial Park is composed of Liulin Food Industrial Park and Mingyang Small and Micro Enterprise Pioneer Park. 

Liulin Food Industrial Park has a planned area of 11.4 square kilometers, with food and beverage and biomedicine as its leading industries. It is a modern food and drug industry demonstration base and a "return home" business park that integrates product development, production and processing, inspection and quarantine, and cold chain logistics and distribution. 

High-quality enterprises such as Sichuan Haocaitou Food Co, Lanrun Group, Hu Po Po Food Co, Sichuan Baishun Pharmaceutical Co, and Tianguo Agriculture Co have settled in Liulin Food Industrial Park. The park was named among "the first batch of provincial agricultural product processing demonstration parks" and "the second batch of Sichuan characteristic industrial (food and beverage) bases". 

Mingyang Small and Micro Enterprise Pioneer Park has a planned area of one square kilometer. It mainly undertakes the implementation of urban demolition enterprises and incubation of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Enterprises such as Lin'er Garment, Nanjinwang Furniture, and Kangyi Printing have each been completed and put into operation.