Sesame-seed cake (提糖麻饼) | Updated: Sep 29,2021
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Sesame-seed cake [Photo provided to]

Sesame-seed cake has more than 500 years of history in Enyang. Its inventor, Lin Zhaoxiang, was famous for making pastry in Xiaogan, Hubei province at that time. When he migrated to Bazhong, Sichuan province, he created sesame-seed cake with local materials of wheat flour, glutinous rice, brown sugar, sesame, barley and dried orange peel.

The making process of sesame-seed cake is complicated. It needs to be baked on a carbon fire till its color turns to golden yellow, then sesame seeds are sprinkled on it, making the cake tastes crispy and sweet. Local people also like to bite a hole on the side of the sesame-seed cake and stuff pot-stewed meat and vegetables in it for a uniquely flavored taste treat.