Laoliaojia Beef Shank Shop | Updated: May 24,2021
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Laoliaojia beef shank [Photo provided to]

Located at No. 18 Industrial Avenue in the Bazhou Industrial Park of the Bazhong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Laoliaojia Beef Shank Shop is an outstanding enterprise providing traditional Bazhong cuisine -- Laoliaojia Beef Shank. Hind shanks from selected Bashan yellow cattle go through the nine processes of slaughtering, boning, fascia removal, seasoning and marinating, blanching and bleeding, cooking with big fire, marinating with slow fire, slicing, and decoration.

Liao Tianfa, the leader of the shop and a representative inheritor of the municipal intangible cultural heritage, has been engaged in the catering and food industry for more than 30 years.