Promotional event for Enyang town held in Sichuan | Updated: Apr 22,2021
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On April 21, a promotional event titled “Enyang - the First Town of Ancient Micang Road”, was held by Enyang's local government in Chengdu, Sichuan province.


A promotional event for Enyang town is held in Chengdu on April 21. [Photo provided to]

Enyang town is located in Enyang district, Bazhong, Sichuan province. With over 1,490 years of history, it was once the most prosperous town on the ancient Micang Road and is made up 17 old streets within its 500,000 sq m area.

The ancient town was born by the water, and prospered because of it. Its location at the junction of two rivers made it a thriving hub for trade, distribution and transport to the mountains and northeastern Sichuan.


Enyang Ancient Town [Photo provided to]

The ancient Ming and Qing dynasty buildings in the town make up the largest and best-preserved ancient architectural complex in Sichuan, and are good examples of the traditional houses of northeast Sichuan.


Enyang Ancient Town [Photo provided to]

Enyang Ancient Town is also the country's second largest Soviet area. During the 1930s the Red Army set up pre-command headquarters in the area, and many related historic sites can be found in the town.

The town has been successively included in "Historic Towns of China”, "China Traditional Villages List”, “National 4A Tourist Attractions” and "Top 10 Ancient Towns in Sichuan”.

Enyang district has organized experts to carry out archaeological investigations and on-the-spot collections of ancient Micang Road sites in order to explore the ancient Micang Road culture in depth, recreate the original historical appearance of the road, and assess the state of its local businesses and cultural prosperity through history.

In recent years, Enyang has made all-round efforts in terms of tourism branding, making a name for itself as an urban scenic spot. The local government prioritizes the development of industry, tourism and the airport economy. The modern Enyang of today forges ahead with this grand blueprint.