Sichuan Bazhong High School | Updated: Mar 26,2021
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Sichuan Bazhong High School, founded in 1868, was formerly known as Yunping Academy. Old proletarian revolutionaries such as Xu Xiangqian, Li Xiannian and Liu Bojian studied and worked there, as did the civilian educator Y.C.James Yen. 

The school was named as one of the first key middle schools in Sichuan Province in 1982, approved as a provincial national model ordinary high school in January 2004, and confirmed as a first-class model ordinary high school in Sichuan Province in 2013. The school has three campuses, Yunping, Longhu and Xingwen, with a total campus area of 246,679 square meters and a school building area of 163,099 square meters.

The school has won the titles of National Advanced Collective of Education System, the 5th Harmonious Campus Advanced School and Sichuan School Ethos Demonstration School, Art Education Characteristic School, Modern Education Technology Demonstration School, Experimental Teaching Demonstration School for Primary and Secondary Schools, Traditional Sports Program School, Green School, and others.