Bazhong Maternal and Child Health Hospital | Updated: Mar 26,2021
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The Bazhong Maternal and Child Health Hospital was established in 1994. It is a public welfare medical and health care institution organized by the government that integrates medical treatment, prevention, health care, teaching, scientific research, and business guidance.

Located in Huangjiagou (No 14 West Section of Qinba Avenue), the hospital is a 2A-grade maternal and child health hospital with a planned construction area of 40,000 square meters. 

In 2011, the hospital moved to Huangjiagou and was reconstructed in three phases. Currently, the 5,000 square meters of the first-phase business complex are in use. The 20,000 sq m business complex of the second phase opened in November 2019. The third phase 15,000 sq m business complex is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2021. 

After the hospital is completed, the total area of business buildings will be 60,000 square meters, and there will be more than 500 beds and more than 800 medical staff.