Bazhong Center for Disease Control and Prevention | Updated: Mar 26,2021
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The Bazhong Center for Disease Control and Prevention, formerly known as Bazhong City Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, was established in January 1994. In April 2002, it assumed it's current name. 

It is a 2A-grade disease prevention and control agency and the city's disease prevention and control guidance center.

The center is located at No 50 Yucai Street, Bazhou District, Bazhong City on an area of 4,458.72 square meters. It has a building area of 6,160.67 square meters, of which the laboratory takes up 2,650 square meters. 

The center has the following 12 departments: the general office, finance department, business and quality control department, infectious disease prevention and control department (public health emergency response office), local chronic disease prevention and control department (public health equalization guidance center), immunization planning department, monitoring of hygiene department, department of occupational and radiation hygiene, department of laboratory medicine, department of public health information, department of health education and outpatient department of preventive medicine. 

It is now one of the first "ten food safety risk monitoring demonstration units" in Sichuan Province, and houses the first eight construction units of the province's national pathogen identification network laboratory. 

Address: No 50 Yucai Street, Bazhong District, Bazhong City

Zip code: 636600