Guangwu Hegu · Qiuchi Homestay | Updated: Mar 17,2021
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Guangwu Hegu · Qiuchi Homestay (also known as a B&B) is located in Guangwu Hegu International Forest Therapy Town, which has a forest coverage rate of 98.5 percent, and is adjacent to Guangwu Mountain, a national 5A-level tourist attraction. In the 20,000 mu of virgin forest at an altitude of 1,000~1,400 meters, with an annual average temperature of 18.2°C and an ultra-high negative oxygen ion content of about 30,000 per cubic centimeter, the homestay is an ideal place for a cool and healthy getaway.

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Guangwu Hegu · Qiuchi Homestay [Photo provided to]

The homestay is divided into two areas, "Bashan" and "Qiushui", which are composed of 19 wooden structures and 56 luxury rooms and separate suites. Each room has a spacious terrace, and next to the terrace can be found a tatami and a tea table.

Address: Qiuchi community, Guangwushan Town, Nanjiang County

Tel: 0827-8106666