Sichuan province sees rebound in tourism | Updated: Feb 14,2021
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On February 13, Sichuan province reopened 654 A-level scenic spots.

These scenic spots welcomed 2.76 million tourists on that day alone, achieving ticket income of 21.87 million yuan ($3.38 million), increases of 23.1 percent and 58.9 percent respectively, compared with the most recent opened day. 

One group, the 15 5A-level scenic spots, received 232,700 visitors, with ticket income of 6.26 million yuan. 

Travel around cities and ancient towns was a hot idea during the Spring Festival holiday. Jiezi ancient town, Luodai ancient town, Huanglongxi ancient town and some other tourist areas received more than 80,000 visitors in three days. 

Longquan Mountain forest park in Chengdu and Wawu Mountain in Meishan all reached their upper limits for tourist reception. 

During the holiday, Sichuan province provided a lot of cultural and tourism products for visitors. Chengdu held more than 100 cultural and tourism activities, including exhibitions and performances. Mianyang held a series of activities about the Qiang ethnic group's wedding banquet display, and Yibin held a themed photo exhibition. 

Tourist resorts such as the Giant Stone Buddha at Leshan Mountain and Emei Mountain carried out a number of preferential activities to attract tourists.